Trivium återvänder till KB tillsammans med Power Trip och Venom Prison

Florida-bandet Trivium återvänder till Sverige, med nya albumet ”The Sin and The Sentence” nedpackad i gitarrfodralen. Turnén, som presenteras av Metal Hammer, inkluderar dessutom Power Trip och Venom Prison och kommer till KB i Malmö den​ 14 mars! ​Biljetter släpps fredag 10 november klockan 10.00 via

​Trivium själva beskriver turnén så här:
​”It’s time to bring ‘The Sin and The Sentence’ to the UK and Europe! One of the greatest things about headlining a tour is picking the bands to round out the bill. POWER TRIP and VENOM PRISON are not only the leading edge of the next wave of great metal acts, they are also some of our personal favourites. We are going to dive deep into our back catalogue to pair up the new tunes with some older classics and a few rarities we haven’t played in a long time. See you all very soon!”