Biff Byford

+ Guest: Don Jamieson

Datum har passerat

Tyvärr måste vi meddela att Biff Byford ställer in sin kommande soloturné och därmed även spelningen på N3 Stagebox i Trollhättan den 9 maj. Detta beror huvudsakligen på sämre än förväntad biljettförsäljning. Samtliga biljetter återlöses.

Biff Byford hälsar:
”The honest truth is the tickets for the forthcoming tour have just not sold as everyone expected for whatever reason, so we have cancelled the dates as scheduled with a view to hopefully re-visiting at a later date.

It’s sad as I was looking forward to the spoken word & live band show but it’s just not to be at this time. I want to thank everyone who bought the album and supported me. Keep the faith and see you on the road with Saxon.”