Mortal Memories öppnar för Henric De La Cour på KB

Den 7 mars är det dags för Henric De La Cour att inta KB och nu står det även klart att Mortal Memories öppnar kvällen!

Mortal Memories – Electronica Pop Noir från Sveriges utsida, insida, solsida. Malmö. utdrag ur en engelsk konsertrecension:

I was a bit enchanted by their music. Through their music you can hear that they put their very heart and souls into every melody. This is not a band who cares about superficial things, they really care about the music they make. In this world of flashy stage shows and images this was a refreshing change. It is a band that has been firmly grounded and shaped over time with pain and experience. Their state of existence as a band is reflected in their music.